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1952 FORD

In 1952 Ford introduced their new 215.3 cid overhead valve six rated at 101 horsepower. The venerable flathead V-8 was now rated at 110 hp. In 1952 Ford presented their first major styling change since the 1949 makeover. With the wheelbase coming it at a longer 115 inches, the 1952 Fords featured a one-pieced curved windshield, an understated bullet in the center of the grille bar, small round taillights, and a simulated air scoop on the rear quarter panels. The clutch and brake pedals were suspended from the firewall and the gas filler pipe was located behind the license plate. The model line included the inexpensive Mainline, followed by Customlines. At the top of the heap was the Crestline, which included the Victoria Hardtop, newly branded Sunliner convertible, and the upscale Country Squire 4-door wagon.

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