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1954 FORD

In 1954 Ford announced the replacement of the venerable flathed V8 with a new 239 cid, 130 horsepower overhead-valve V8. Called the Y-block (because of it's cross-section appearance), this was the hottest engine available in low-priced automobiles. A larger 233 cid overhead valve six rated at 115 horsepower was also available. Front suspension now featured ball joints rather than kingpins. The 1954 Ford used the same bodies as the 1952-1953 model years with updated trim. The horizontal bar grille featured a centrally located bullet with parking lights on either end. "Power" options included power-brakes, four-way power seats, and power windows. The newly introduced 1954 Ford Skyliner was a Crestline Victoria that featured a green transparent Plexiglas roof insert over the front seat. Not surprisingly, the car suffered from excessive heat buildup in the interior and the interior was bathed in an eerie green light. It was priced the same as the Sunliner convertible, but only 13,344 were sold.

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