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1950 FORD

1950 Ford

"50 Ways New, 50 Ways Better" advertising slogan was used to try to convince people that the bugs affecting the 1949's had been fixed. The '49's suffered from handling problems and a noisy ride. And Ford did manage to fix many of these problems: overall the 1950 Ford was tighter and quieter in corners and on rough roads.
Other improvements included push-button door handles, newly designed hood ornaments, a recessed gas filler neck and a three-blade cooling fan. A new Crestliner designation was added. It was a limited-edition Custom Tudor with a padded canvas-covered top and contrasted color panel on the side of the body. Priced at $100-200 above the standard model, only 17,601 sold. It was Ford's response to Chevy's "hardtop convertible" 1950 BelAir. Even without a hardtop or a fully automatic transmission, Ford managed to produce over 1.2 millions cars in 1950.

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