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1963 FORD

In 1963 Ford restyled maintained the clean unclutter lines of the 1962. On the Galaxie models, bright metal trim went from the front of the door to the rear bumper. The grille was a full-width horizontal grid with the Ford emblem in the middle, which doubled as a hood release. And once again, Fords featured large round taillights. In 1963 the Y-block 292 was gone, and replacing it was the Ford small block 260 cid and 289 engines. At the other end of the scale, Ford introduced its big block 410 hp and 425 hp versions of its 427 cid engine. Falcon introduced a two-door hardtop and a convertible Futura model with a V-8 option. Fairlanes were basically a repeat of the 1962 models with minor trim changes. Two-door hardtop Fairlane 500 and 500 Sport Coupe were added.

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