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1964 FORD

1965 Ford Falcon Sprint
The big news from Ford for the 1964 model year was the introduction of the Mustang. Introduced in April, 1964, the new Mustang was considered to be an early 1965 model. For further discussion of Ford Mustangs, visit The Classic Mustang website.

The signature large, round taillights were continued on all 1964 Fords. The full sized Fords featured a horizontal grille with three vertical ribs. The sculpted sides of the car included a feature line that transversed the car from front to rear, dipping at the tail end of the rear fender just in front of the bumper. A similar line started lower behind the front wheels and rose up to meet the top feature line in front of the rear bumper. The Custom was the base model and the Galaxie 500XL was the top model.

The 1964 Ford Fairlanes took on a cleaner look over the previous year. Gone were the fins, and the grille took on a much nicer, tightly designed look. The sides of the car were clean looking, with a trim line starting just behind the grille and and transversing the car through a scoop appearing just behind the front door.

Falcons for 1964 were completely redesigned, taking on a more angular look. A larger grille and a sculpted hood design added flair to the overall look. As in the previous year the Futura was the top of the line model.

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